ClearCorrect/Clear Aligners for Rochester & Lyons, NY

If you are looking to transform your smile, Dr. Emmanuel Puddicombe is a big proponent of clear aligners. At Family Dentistry of Lyons, he and his patients prefer ClearCorrect, one of the top names in dental aligners. While teeth straightening used to be a more taxing and tedious process, it has never been more convenient thanks to ClearCorrect.  

Benefits of ClearCorrect

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As the name suggests, ClearCorrect aligners are “clear” (or translucent), making it difficult for the people you interact with to spot them in your mouth. Not only will ClearCorrect spare you the embarrassment of having a mouth full of metal, you will not have to make your teeth look less attractive while actively working to straighten them.  

Another perk of ClearCorrect is that the aligners are removable. While you are encouraged to wear the devices as much as possible (usually close to 22 hours per day) to maximize the effects, you can take them out to eat, clean and for special occasions when you would rather not have aligners in your mouth.

On top of all that, ClearCorrect usually works more quickly than traditional braces, with the total treatment time being a year to a year and a half for most patients. 

ClearCorrect Treatment Details

At your first appointment, Dr. Puddicombe will examine your mouth and listen to the goals you have for your teeth. With candor, he will describe the types of changes he feels are achievable for your unique teeth with ClearCorrect. If you both agree these aligners are the right way forward, Dr. Puddicombe will take photographs, molds and x-rays of your mouth so that the ClearCorrect lab can create custom aligners that fit perfectly in your mouth. 

Soon, you will receive several series of aligners, each a little different so that they can shift your teeth incrementally. It is important to closely follow the schedule prepared by Dr. Puddicombe and switching to the appropriate set of aligners to gradually nudge your teeth into place on the optimal timeline.

Although you will need to visit Family Dentistry of Lyons periodically to make sure your teeth are making good progress with ClearCorrect, these visits will not be nearly as frequent as they would be for traditional braces that need constant manual tightening. Having fewer appointments saves you time in the long run.    

Taking Care of Clear Aligners

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Oral hygiene is quite easy with clear aligners: simply remove your ClearCorrect so that you can brush and floss your teeth in a normal manner. You will undoubtedly find it easier to do both without having wires and brackets in your mouth. Once a day, you should also brush and rinse the aligners to keep them clean as well.    

You will also take out your ClearCorrect aligners any time that you eat. That allows you to keep your aligners cleaner throughout the day, while also avoiding the infamous dilemma of having food get stuck in your braces.

Schedule Appointment for Invisible Braces

It has never been more convenient to get straighter and more attractive teeth. To start your treatment with ClearCorrect aligners, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Puddicombe by calling Family Dentistry of Lyons at (315) 946-4656.