Cosmetic Dentistry for Rochester & Lyons, NY

Cosmetic dentistry for Rochester, NY

Just because you were not genetically blessed with perfect teeth does not mean you cannot achieve a healthy, attractive smile. Trusted dentist Emmanuel Puddicombe has seen firsthand how patients not only look better, but feel better after cosmetic dentistry procedures. In many cases, more attractive teeth and healthier teeth go hand in hand. Among the cosmetic dentistry treatments available at Family Dentistry of Lyons are:


Crowns are tooth-shaped restorations that cover decayed, damaged or unsightly teeth. If your tooth has a flaw like a crack or an irregular shape, a crown can be a great way to conceal those imperfections. In addition to boosting the appearance of teeth, crowns serve functional purposes like supporting dental bridges or strengthening a tooth that has been treated with root canal. Crowns are made of either metal or ceramic (porcelain) materials.

Teeth Whitening

If you have disappointedly watched your teeth gradually become more yellow, this treatment is a great way to restore the brightness you used to enjoy. At Family Dentistry of Lyons, it takes just one hour to get a professional teeth whitening treatment that can make your teeth between five and 10 shades whiter. The procedure, which uses blue light technology, is both safe and pain-free, with results that outperform any over-the-counter option you come across.


Cosmetic dental services in Lyons, NY

You and Dr. Puddicombe may decide that veneers — prosthetic covers that attach to the front of your natural teeth — may be the best method to achieve the smile of your dreams. With veneers, you have the ability to choose the exact shape, color and size of your new teeth, making it one of the easiest ways to overhaul your smile. You have the option of getting one veneer to improve the look of a single tooth that is cracked or crooked, or an entire row of veneers to cover up discoloration or wide spaces between the teeth.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Fillings are critical to the longstanding health of decayed teeth, and tooth-colored fillings in particular have cosmetic benefits because they maintain an attractive smile. While your friends will often be able to spot the shiny metal from traditional fillings, tooth-colored fillings blend in seamlessly since they are made to match the shade of your existing teeth. Just as importantly, they are durable, too.

Dental Sealants

Sealants are placed over the molars to even out the rough surfaces on these teeth. Since harmful bacteria and food bits tend to congregate in the nooks and crannies of the molars, having a smooth tooth surface that is easy to brush means a great reduction in the risk for developing cavities and needing more elaborate procedures like fillings and root canal.

Discuss Cosmetic Dentistry with Dr. Puddicombe

Life is too short to be unhappy with your smile. If you find yourself wishing something about your teeth were different, come in for a consultation with Dr. Puddicombe to determine whether a cosmetic dentistry procedure can achieve the kind of change you are hoping for. To arrange a consultation, please call (315) 946-4656.