General Dentistry for Rochester & Lyons, NY

General dentistry ner Rochester, NY

Family Dentistry of Lyons has earned the trust of its community for its outstanding general dentistry services. Here, each member of your family can receive excellent care from Dr. Emmanuel Puddicombe, who is known throughout northern New York state for his warm, professional demeanor and sincere concern for his patients’ continued oral health.

If you have allowed too much time to pass since your last dental appointment, or are just looking for a new dentist, you will be thrilled with the cleaner, healthier smile you can attain with regular appointments at Family Dentistry of Lyons.

Professional Cleaning

While the condition and health of your teeth are largely reliant on your daily oral hygiene habits like toothbrushing and flossing, these activities alone cannot provide you with the same deep clean that you receive from the dental team at Family Dentistry of Lyons.

At each biannual appointment, our hygienists will meticulously scrape away at the plaque and tartar that toothbrushing has not fully addressed. With special tools, they have the ability to reach areas that floss cannot. They will also apply fluoride to your teeth, which helps to strengthen the enamel, or the hard outer protective layer on the teeth.

Dental Examination

Dental services in Lyons, NY

Each appointment also includes a dental examination, in which Dr. Puddicombe will carefully search your mouth for problems such as cavities, gum disease and oral cancer. Each of these problems is much more easily treated in their early stages, which is why regular examinations are important to spot them sooner than later.

Dr. Puddicombe encourages you to share any potential issues you have noticed such as pain or tooth sensitivity so that he can pay extra attention to those concerns. If the examination does turn up any issues, as a full-service dentist, Dr. Puddicombe can quickly and proficiently handle these problems to protect the ongoing health of your mouth.


Even people who dutifully brush their teeth can get cavities from time to time; the trick is to take care of the cavity as soon as possible to avoid the need for a root canal or tooth extraction. Dr. Puddicombe offers both traditional silver amalgam fillings, as well as tooth-colored fillings that are harder to spot in your mouth. Both kinds of fillings can be finished in a single dental appointment, and can last in your mouth for more than a decade.

Tooth Extraction

Although Dr. Puddicombe will do everything in his power to keep your natural teeth in your mouth, there are times when it becomes necessary to remove a tooth or multiple teeth. There are many reasons that you may need a tooth extraction: your wisdom teeth are posing a problem, there is overcrowding in your mouth or a tooth is severely infected or decaying.

There are two methods for taking out a tooth. A simple extraction involves loosening the tooth with an instrument called an elevator and then removing the tooth with forceps. A surgical extraction requires a small incision in the gums to successfully pull the tooth out. In both cases, your mouth will be sufficiently numbed with either local or intravenous anesthesia so that you do not experience pain during the procedure.

Schedule an Appointment

The importance of general dentistry appointments is clear, so if more than six months have passed since your previous dental checkup, the time is now to schedule an appointment for a cleaning and examination. Please call (315) 946-4656.