Tooth-Colored Fillings for Rochester & Lyons, NY

Tooth colored fillings near Rochester, NY

Cavities are not fun under any circumstances, but the reason so many of Dr. Emmanuel Puddicombe’s patients seem to dread the news that they need a filling is that they envision the amalgam silver fillings that used to be the main way to plug a cavity. The good news is that Family Dentistry of Lyons offers composite resin fillings, better known as tooth-colored fillings, that match the existing shade of your teeth. You can now get a filling without having to worry about a metallic sparkle in your mouth.

Why Fillings Are Important

Although you are much more likely to avoid cavities when you brush and floss daily, the truth is that even dedicated brushers can get cavities from time to time. Once you have a cavity, getting a filling is essential to stop tooth decay in its tracks. Left untreated, a cavity will grow larger and will eventually necessitate a root canal, not to mention cause more pain along the way.

Tooth-Colored Filling Benefits

In generations past, dentists preferred silver amalgam fillings because they were the strongest option available. Fortunately, composite resin fillings now offer comparable durability. These fillings can last between five and 10 years before needing additional attention.

Better still, the “tooth-colored” aspect of these fillings do not just match a general tooth color — they can be customized to correspond with the shade of your unique teeth. Dr. Puddicombe will take care to match the resin’s hue to your own teeth to make the filling difficult to notice in your mouth.

On top of that, composite resin fillings are better at shielding the tooth from hot and cold temperatures that are known to cause tooth sensitivity, which makes it much easier to eat without discomfort.

Tooth Colored Filling Procedure Details

Dr. Puddicombe starts by drying the saliva off your tooth with a cavity and then drilling directly into the infected portion. Next, he injects the resin into the hole. The resin should solidify almost immediately, so Dr. Puddicombe will work quickly to shape the top of the filling to match a natural tooth shape.

Because composite resin hardens rapidly and requires less drilling than necessary with traditional fillings, the whole procedure is usually quicker than you might expect.

Taking Care of Your fillings

After getting fillings, your teeth can (and should) be brushed and flossed like any other teeth. Maintaining proper oral hygiene will help you to avoid additional cavities and a need for more fillings.

Dental fillings in Lyons, NY

To better protect these fillings so they will not need to be replaced anytime soon, you can make a conscious effort to adjust your diet. Sugary and acidic foods can erode tooth-colored fillings over time, so limiting your consumption of those kinds of food can help to keep your fillings intact. Furthermore, foods that are difficult to chew can chip away at the composite resin, particularly if the filling is on a molar.

Book an Appointment for Fillings

If you have procrastinated on a filling appointment or you could use a dental checkup to confirm whether you have any current cavities, please call (315) 946-4656 to arrange an appointment at Family Dentistry of Lyons. Dr. Puddicombe will ensure that you are comfortable throughout your procedure and that any necessary fillings will perfectly match the existing color of your teeth.