Dental Veneers for Rochester & Lyons, NY

While having healthy and attractive teeth often are one and the same, it is certainly not always the case. A healthy tooth can be cracked, crooked or even discolored and, in turn, make your smile look less than perfect. If you have a tooth or teeth that do not live up to your aesthetic standards, Dr. Puddicombe can help you transform your smile with veneers, which attach to the front of your teeth.

Veneer Choices

Dental veneers near Rochester, NY

Veneers come in several materials, though the most popular option is easily porcelain. Although porcelain is pricier than other choices, it is for good reason: porcelain veneers can last upwards of 20 years and are less likely to break or stain. The second most common choice is resin-based veneers. These only last for about five years, but they do not require permanently altering your teeth and can be removed at any point.

It will be up to you what size, shape and color of veneers you put in your mouth. If you are getting only one veneer to conceal a troublesome tooth, you will probably want to have it match your existing teeth so it fits in seamlessly. If you are choosing an entire row of veneers, then you have more freedom to pick your ideal set of teeth.

Dental Veneer Benefits

Veneers are intended specifically to make visual improvements to your teeth, not to repair their health. If you need to fill a cavity or get a root canal, that will need to be taken care of before getting veneers.

You may consider veneers if other common interventions like orthodontics or teeth whitening have not helped your teeth get as straight or as bright as you had wished. You may also get veneers to cover up a chipped or cracked tooth. If you have sizable spaces between your teeth, veneers can help to cover up the spaces for a more even-looking smile. You can even choose veneers that make your teeth longer.

Dental Veneer Procedure Details

Porcelain veneers in Lyons, NY

Getting veneers requires two separate appointments. In your first visit to Family Dentistry of Lyons, Dr. Puddicombe will remove a small amount of enamel from the teeth that will receive the veneers. Then he will take a mold of your mouth, which is sent to an off-site laboratory that will create the veneers according to your specific measurements. You will provide input on the precise size, shape and color you want. Before you leave, Dr. Puddicombe will give you temporary veneers to wear until the permanent veneers are ready.

At the second appointment (usually about a month later), Dr. Puddicombe will confirm that the permanent veneers are to your liking. Next he will attach them to the front of your teeth with help from dental cement. He will check to ensure the veneers are aligned properly and allow for an unimpeded biting motion. The exact time you spend in the dental chair will depend on how many veneers you are getting.

Caring for Your Veneers

Veneers may cover a portion of your teeth, but they will not stop you from developing cavities. Therefore, it remains just as important to brush and floss your teeth as it was before getting veneers.

Veneers are less susceptible to staining than natural teeth, but they can still lose their bright white color if you consume foods and beverages that are known to stain, like fruit juices, coffee, cola and wine. Chewing on tough objects like your nails and pens can also potentially chip your veneers.

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As a highly skilled and respected cosmetic dentist, Dr. Puddicombe would be happy to help you achieve the smile of your dreams with veneers. To discuss the procedure with him in more detail, please call Family Dentistry of Lyons at (315) 946-4656.